Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

I never met my mother-in-law. She passed away before I met Jon. We've had many discussions about how she would have felt about me had we been able to share some part of our lives together. We always come back to the same scenario: she wouldn't have taken to me at first. "She's a bit too old for you isn't she?" "Well, she's been married before, she has baggage." We agree that in time, she would have come around. And what would have eventually brought her around, is when I became a mother. She would have adored and worshiped Kathryn and she would have approved of me as the mother of her precious granddaughter, and therefore as the wife of her beloved son.

We always bring flowers; at Christmas, a wreath. Sometimes we only stay for a few moments. Other times we stay for a long time and just sit quietly. Sometimes Jon tells us stories about what she was like.

On the day we were married (14 years ago tomorrow!) it rained all day. We stopped to visit her briefly and drop off flowers. As we pulled up in the limo and walked up, the sun poured out, and a huge rainbow appeared.
There are times when we laugh and times when we just pray quietly. Often we give Jon time to just be in her presence and Kathryn and I will wander around and look at the flowers. Then there are times we just hug and cry.
They say you can't miss something you've never had. Don't tell that to her granddaughter. Or her daughter-in-law. Happy Mother's Day to the other Mom.