Friday, May 30, 2008

For the Record

Just so you know, I started this beautiful beaded scarf a long time ago. Way before a famous knit blogger did. It's just that with my arduous travel and speaking schedule, working out of the house with my three teen aged girls, and my musician-type husband who also works out of the house....wait, that's not me.

Why then am I only at this point while the aforementioned person with a much busier life seems to be cruising along at record pace. Because I am an idiot. I can't seem to get the beads placed in the right spot from one row to the next. The beads get pulled up on yarn overs and have to be snug up against the needle; on the way back they have to be positioned either in front or in back of the left needle (knit pr purl dependant) when you work the yarn over stitch. It's just futsy enough to keep you interested but to make your little fingers fumble around with each other. When it doesn't look "just perfect", I rip the damn thing out to start over again.
When that happens, I usually take the opportunity to string "just a few more" beads on. It's kind of like therapy at the adult day care center I think I'll have to check myself into if I keep messing this thing up. It'll be lovely when it's done . . .

. . . or it'll just be a REALLY long string of pretty beads. On REALLY pretty yarn.