Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Rest of the Fest

Days two and three of the Fiber Festival were dedicated to the spinners. The small crowds meant lots of quality time with the fiber and the wheel. I was finally able to finish spinning all the purple and green singles and then plied them together into a lovely lace weight. I'm calling it "Lilac" - original, I know. I eeked out 700 hundred yards of this and then my arms just about fell off.
Next up is this lovely 85% Merino/15% Silk from Paradise Fibers. I spun this into a single which I'm really nervous about leaving as a single because a) it may be too thin in spots; b) I'm still a bit fuzzy on this whole singles vs. plied yarns and their various energy blah blah blah. I may just look at it on the bobbin and declare it beautiful.

Then disaster struck. Monday morning one of the animals escaped from the good care of their keeper. (It's like a Highlights game. "Can you find Holli, Tigger and Sammy in this picture?")

Some of the Merino Glitz (in Merlot Sparkle colorway) which was just started on the wheel early that morning became the object of attention and was seriously damaged.
The culprit has yet to be identified. But on the theory that criminals always return to the scene of the crime, I am standing by, ever vigilant, waiting to see just who may wander by to check things out.

"Moooooooom - can I play with your fluff again?"