Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Digs

The Cat "Wheel of Fun". It took Jon, Kathryn and I about two hours to put this together; it's rather unsteady and wobbly. At 14 pounds, Tigger would be well advised to stay on the bottom level of the two-story condo.
However, once it was in place, and we threw away the box that they REALLY loved, the "Fun" in "Cat Fun Wheel" began. Countless minutes of kitty-swat have been observed. Or "bop the butt" of the kitty above you - now there's a game the whole family can play - for a few seconds or two. Once, a wild game of "Queen of the Condo" was played - Sammy was the only player. But she defended her turf honorably.

I'm thinking of getting the box out of the recycling bin.