Friday, May 23, 2008


. . . Junk Desk

Many people have something the refer to as their junk drawer. I have, instead, a junk desk. What's sad is that it is right in the center of our kitchen. I've been in the habit of letting things accumulate on the desk all week and then dealing with it on Friday. It doesn't always work. Much to the dismay of the male inhabitant of the house.

On the left we have a coaster, a big envelope of junk left over for Kid's College, the cords to plug everything into the computer, some Box Tops, and a Target receipt for, let me see here .... medication. On the right is Zyrtec, A Delta Dental benefits thing I have to call on, my Headache Calendar, Kathryn's Learnia test results (clueless as to what these actually mean). By the end of today, with any luck, this junk will be sorted through and put or thrown away.

Problem is, it'll likely go to one of these three places:

Junk drawer 1 - on the theory that you just can't have enough rosaries around the house, there are three in this drawer alone! Three flavors of chap stick, pens, pencils, credit cards, green Chibi, an emery board. Your basic Junk drawer. Or Junk drawer 2. It has tape, paper, envelopes, pencils, a replacement feather chaser for a cat toy of Sammy's, an old cell phone and it's charger, school notes. Your basic re-stock for Junk drawer 1.
Or Junk slots one and two. This is the last Junk stop before trash can. If it goes here and I don't look for it for say, a year, then it gets tossed. I pretty much don't even know what's in there now. Except I recognize one thing as a PedEgg. Impulse buy at Target. If you're thinking of it - don't. It rips the skin off your feet. Probably why it never made it upstairs to the bathroom with the other pedicure products.
Oh, but Trek, I'm too late for our school with these!! There yours now. I just have to dig up the address. I hope it's not in with this junk anywhere!