Thursday, May 15, 2008

Off To College

The extra cars driving up and down our street at all hours of the night means that the college age kids (boys in the case of our neighborhood) are home for the summer. Falling asleep at night to the sweet sounds of bouncing basketballs, from the boys behind us and across the street, is almost as fun as the nightly serenade of "How Much Bass Can Your Car Put Out 'Cuz I Bet Mine Can Do Bettah!"

So while these guys are all coming home to live off their parents for a few months, I'm headed to college. Yep, college. "Lucky Deb" you're probably thinking. "I hope she's taking something really fun, or intellectual, or deeply meaningful for her." Yep, college.

Kid's College. At Kathryn's school. The time suck of all time sucks volunteer project which has taken over my life, kitchen, free time, and my family will all come to fruition today and tomorrow. It's sort of like "Career Day". The kids get to spend time with visiting "professors" from all walks of life and decide at the tender age of anywhere from 7 -13 on a career path. It's also sort of like Career Day in that I've decided I really don't want to do ANYTHING like this EVER for a real job. But it's for the kids..... 6:

See you next week!