Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I Did, I Do

Kathryn had to do the math for me this morning, it seems like we've been married forever. I thought this was our 14th anniversary. "No, Mom. It's your Golden Anniversary." We had a little conversation about the difference between golden birthdays and anniversaries.
In all actuality, it is the time before I met Jon that seems like it lasted an eternity. That time you where you wander aimlessly through life; searching for something, finding all the wrong things, making all the wrong choices, turning left when you shouldn't even have been driving. And just when you think your life is about tho fall apart, it does. And you're a mess for a few years. But you fix yourself up and meet "this guy". He likes the "new and improved", on-the-path-to-self-actualization you. At some point you'll tell him about the you that you left in a heap over in South Minneapolis! He is strong and wise, witty and charming, and well past self actualization - but before egotistic. He may be the most amazing person you've ever met.

One day, he asks you to marry him. And so, I did. I said, "I Do."

Thirteen years ago today. I said "I Do." So did Jon. I have never regretted those words. I love my husband more every time I look at him. He didn't rescue me from something or fix me or save me. He was the first person to see the real and true me and to know the potential in me. I will love him forever for that. He is my husband, the father of Kathryn, a gentleman, a friend, a caring and giving human. If you've met Jon, you know of his sense of humor. Frankly - he is one of the best people I know. And he's mine. I'm resisting saying "I don't deserve him" because that would negate all the years of therapy - so, let me just say - and I DO deserve it.
Jon: I did marry you; I do love you, I would (and will!!) marry you again. Happy Anniversary!