Monday, January 05, 2009

My Favorite Things

By far, my favorite Christmas gift this year was two weeks off from the usual routine and running around. But since that can't be wrapped and tied with a pretty bow and placed under the tree, Jon, Kathryn and a few others felt a need to get some of those things for me. I'm planning to show you a few of my Favorite Things in the next couple of days. (Note - I said "planning" since it's now back to the usual routine and running around!)
Thing One
A well placed hint to Dad along with a very detailed description, GPS coordinates, and a thorough sketch of the shelving of the Starbucks closest to our house and . . . "Oh, honey!! How did you know? I LOVE this cup! All my blog friends have one and I really, REALLY wanted one and now I have one of my very own! Thank you Kathryn!!! I'll use it every day!"

And since I've now declared it "my cup and and only my cup and no one else can ever use it", I've hired a stealth kitty to guard it. I'm so happy to be in the cup club - finally.