Monday, January 26, 2009


** Fair warning: if you don't want to see the inside of my mouth - move along!! **
About four years ago, after two failed root canals and a somewhat traumatic extraction, I lost a tooth. There was no tooth fairy, no money under the pillow (at least not my pillow but I can name two dentists and an endodontist who may have felt a bit of a lump under theirs.) Just a big, gaping hole on the right side of my mouth, my chewing side, in the back, where the heavy "crunching" happens. This, as you might imagine, has been quite problematic for your Cap'n Crunch, potato chip, cracker lovin' friend here. It seems that I cannot easily crunch on the left side without tearing my cheek to shreds. It's been a long four years.

Which all leads me to the announcement that I may be off the blogs and interwebs for the next few days. Tomorrow, Dr. Andy will drive a titanium rod into my jaw bone and this will begin the process of getting my tooth back. Since the procedure will require sedation, I will be out tomorrow (could someone please check on Kathryn for me!) and Wednesday could be just a yucky, jaw-hurty day. But I'm thinking positive thoughts. Because in 6 - 9 short months, "cruncher tooth" will be back.

Oh - Jon is in Australia. I just told him I was having implant surgery while he was gone but not what kind. He told me to have both done.