Monday, January 19, 2009

School Days

I always wanted to be a teacher. But back when I was in college teachers were flooding the market so I chose the safe route, a non-teaching degree in psychology. Many years later, after working in the technology and telecommunications fields, I'm finally getting a chance to teach - sort of. I spend Fridays at Kathryn's school under the direction of the first year English teacher Miss K. working with the 6th and 7th grade students. First hour is 6th grade writhing lab where the students spend the hour working on directed writing projects. I get to help!

Second hour is 6th/7th grade English. We're finishing up our section on Jack London's Call of the Wild. Friday the students presented their final projects and on any one of a number of thematic elements from the book. There were MANY wolf presentations ... many!

Finally, a break with the weather.

Recognize a long blond ponytail in this picture??

I'll admit that gym was not my best class in high school, but with a class of 40 - 6th and 7th grade students, the gym teacher needs assistance just keeping order in this class. So in third hour I am an extra set of eyes and ears in the gym. Last Friday was fitness testing and then some free time. Oops - look, my kid again.

After gym I help in the lunch room with the little guys. You know - making sure they eat enough, don't eat too much, eat their own food and not their neighbors etc. I marvel at how much food mom sends them with vs. how much they can actually eat! Sometimes I eat lunch with Kathryn when the Middle School comes in - depends on her mood. Other times - I eat in the teacher's lounge!! Like a real teacher!

After lunch is 7th grade writing lab, much the same as 6th grade, just different projects. Last period of the day is 7th/6th grade English.

They are also finishing their Call of the Wild projects. Not as many wolf presentations in this class, but lots of dogs!
I love this shot showing the extreme physical difference between 7th grade and 6th grade boys. By the time I get home from school at 2:30 on Fridays, I am exhausted. I love my day at school and being a part of these kids' lives. They probably don't realize that they are teaching me so much more than I could ever teach them.
Guess what Ian's presentation was about?