Thursday, January 29, 2009

Send Tissues

Everything went really well with the first stage of the tooth implant. I now have a plastic-covered titanium rod sticking up in the place where eventually (4 - 9 months from now) a crown will be placed. My dentist's words of advice to me are not to play with the plastic-covered titanium rod as even micro-movements of said rod will impede the progress of the bone adhering to the rod. Sure.

However, a new problem has settled in. A very unpleasant, nasty cold has settled in and doesn't appear to plan on leaving anytime soon. My very concerned dentist, fearing infection around the "rod", has prescribed a prophylactic 10-day course of penicillin, which is taking its toll on my digestive system. Today's fever is only 100.8. Yippee.
I wish Jon were home. I'm almost out of tissues. And he's pretty good at that kind of stuff.