Thursday, June 05, 2008

What Time Is It?

If you have a pre-teen, "Disney" girl, you know that the answer to that question is:

Party Time!
Tuesday was birthday day for the June birthdays in our Knitting Group. We have two back-to-back birthday girls , Sue and Peggy. Sandy's was in May, and we celebrated that too - but without a camera!

Peggy needed a little assistance and had to search for her scissors to cut her ribbon. Sue, on the other hand was able to tear right into her package.

Of course the camera battery died for the close-up shot so a description will have to do. The necklace each have four die-cut washers with one word or phrase on them. I selected the ones that remind me of each of them. So for Sue - friendship, journey, strength, to life. For Peggy - faith, mother, happy home, friendship. Sandy got one on her birthday too - dream, journey, friendship and I just can't remember the 4th one!, On the back of each washer is a blessing for each.

Birthdays or not, these are the among the most precious people in my life. In case I forget to tell them someday. they will always know, everyday, what they mean to me! Happy Birthdays girlfriends!