Monday, June 16, 2008

Cooking Camp

Kathryn & two girlfriends were scheduled to take a four day camp this week which was cancelled due to low enrollment (I got you three kids - just how many did you need??). The two other moms and I, when faced with the realization that our girls now had four unscheduled days of - FREE TIME - decided to hold our own camps. I'm not a crafty-type mom (my personal crafts notwithstanding) but I have been spending time in the kitchen with Kathryn lately so we thought a baking school might be fun.

My students (Colleen and Tara) arrived by 9:30 this morning eager to start. First up were the super easy cinnamon rolls made with Pillsbury crescent rolls and marshmallows. These require so little but as you can see, the resulting products are pretty and appear to be quite satisfying!

After that, it was a "make your own brownie bar". Using the recipe off the Nestle's Unsweetened Chocolate box, we divided the brownie mix into muffin cups and then topped them off with whatever we wanted - chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, Heath Bar chips, cinnamon hots, coconut and sprinkles.
Those are cooling on the counter behind me right now. I am exercising remarkable restraint. The students all graduated with high honors from my camp.
The best part about going first is that you can set the bar REALLY high and make the other moms work that much harder for the next two days! Good luck Heidi and Laura!!