Thursday, June 12, 2008

Up to the Challenge

The slower pace of summer and Kathryn's busy social and camp calendar have left me with enough time to join in on Carole's 10 Minutes A Day spinning group. I decided to spend my ten minutes early this morning, even before posting, and this is what I accomplished. See what even a few minutes a day can bring forth.

See how the mind's eye can fool you if you haven't had your caffeine yet. Truth be told, this small morsel had to be wound off and skeined as it was left unattended. Again, I foolishly left it to go grab some breakfast and tea. Someone else needed a little free running exercise and took off with the free end. I was lucky to be able to salvage this as the last batch was not so lucky.

I have plenty more to go; with just 10 minutes a day - in a Sammy free environment - I'll be done in no time.
This fiber is a super-wash,100% merino (Merlot Sparkle from The Ranches Angoras with a tiny bit of glitz. I'm having a bit of trouble that I believe you could attribute to beginner-ness. I could use a good reference book on understanding different fibers (long hairs, short hairs etc) and how they will spin or how I should draft / spin them. Any ideas for me? This particular fiber has what I would call, clots, in the darkest color; bits of fluff that have all gathered up together, nub-like, and don't lay flat. Not knowing what to do about these, I simply let them flow onto the spun fiber. It looks kind of dorky in parts and kind of fun in other parts. Definitely homespun. But I guess that's what it is, isn't it.