Monday, June 09, 2008

Message from the Animals

Dear Mom's Blog Friends,

Mom is too sick to blog today. She got a bad, bad cold or something. Yesterday she came home from 4 hours of begging for volunteers for Oktoberfest (again!) and went to bed. Two of us kept her warm (the kitties); one of us kept just worrying 'bout her (Holli). Dad and Kathryn left her alone - prob'ly a really good thing 'cuz she was crabby! She's still kinda crabby today 'cuz she didn't sleep so good (kitties were fighting for who could sleep close enough to her 'cuz she had a lot of hot on her!) Also maybe she has stuff to do today like take Mrs. Stinky Pants Smelly dog to the groomer for a bath cuz she can't lick herself clean like cats can. Also she has to go get the rest of her hair colored to match the stuff that's growed in. AND Kathryn has to get her hairs all cut. Animals just have to lay around all day. We wish mom could do that too.


Holli, Tigger and Sammy - the most wonerfullest little kitten who did all the writing of this cuz Tig is too fat to reach the computer and Holli is just plain 'fraid of everything and I'm not scart of nuttin!!