Friday, June 13, 2008

One Dad, Many Cards

Like most of you, I have one dad, just the one. Yet every year when I go into the "giant store for all that you need and even the stuff that you don't need yet somehow just decide you have to have" to stand in front of the giant wall of cards to buy my dad his one-of-a-kind, special Father's Day card, I come home with no fewer than 6.

There is my card for my dad, Kathryn's card for Jon, my card for Jon (technically NOT my dad, but I was responsible for his becoming a father and I think this warrants his at least receiving a card from me acknowledging this - plus they have a whole section of cards for "Husbands" so you have to figure I'm supposed to give him one!), Kathryn's cards to her two grandfathers (again - there are sections for these cards so they must be required, plus she is so lucky to have both of them, I feel like this should also be recognized with a card at the very least!), and then, since I'm there anyway, I pick up a card for Jon for his dad. Before Sammy joined the family, the animal used to give cards on these occasions. Animal cards do not change over very often. Tigger and Holli often gave the same Father's Day cards several years in a row.

I find this whole process very humorous. I buy one card for Mother's Day - for my mom - and we all sign it. But dads are different. They are unique and need to be singled out. Whether they are husbands, grandfathers, fathers-in-law or dads - they have to have their own cards.

To all of you who have any of these in you life, wish them a Happy Father's Day from me (and Jon, Kathryn, Holli, Tigger and Sammy too!!)