Monday, June 30, 2008


. . . is for LOVE!

There have been seven weddings in our family (six kids, seven weddings - I had the mulligan!) Dennis and Helen's was by far, hands down, the best! Perhaps because I'm older and wiser, more likely because they are older and wiser - but this event was fabulous. Even the record breaking 115 degree heat of Calabassas, CA didn't wilt the smiles, flowers or spirits of anyone involved.

Weddings always bring out the lovely girls; these are seven of the loveliest - Dennis and Helen's combined niece set!Their dance cards were quite full most of the evening. In fact, the one in the blue dress had to be carried to the car and into bed! (As did her mother - not so much from dancin'!)

Much love poured out from the new parents-in-law who adore their new daughter-in-law and she they! Can you tell?

It was grand! I loved every minute of weekend. But who doesn't love a good wedding - especially one where your own true LOVE is the officiant and presides over the ceremony of your little brother and his true LOVE.

L is for LOVE.