Monday, March 03, 2008

Comp. 101

At Kathryn's recent school conference we learned that that Mrs. K will spend the rest of the year focusing on story composition in Language Arts. The little I recall of story composition had to do with character development, plot, the protagonist, climax etc. At the 5th grade level, apparently, a good story has a compelling opening, a middle, and a strong or emotional finish.

Compelling Opening: You can start over at Chris' for the Friday evening festivities. I was having fun with food and wine and knitting. But this is the beginning of Saturday's wonderful day. We took Vicki to 318. This is where the Tuesday Morning Knitting group meets. And I got to bring both worlds together by introducing (soon to be a blogger) Brenda, who has heard about my blogger friend for years, to Vicki.
Middle: We chatted and had coffee for a bit and began our yarn-adventure at Coldwater Collaborative, then on to Needlework Unlimited. I'm fairly sure I had the largest purchases at both places but that's a story for another day. (Perhaps a sequel to this composition.)
We ended our yarn store visits at The Yarnery in St. Paul. We met up with Lauri before our stomachs realized we were just steps away from Cafe Latte and Renee! We enjoyed a late lunch, a few beverages, lots of laughs and stories , and some knitting. Vicki and I spent a quiet night at home on Saturday with lots of knitting, "The Osmond's 50th Reunion" on PBS (c'mon - you know you would have watched it too if you had stumbled upon it!), "Radio Days" on TCM and then "Saturday Night Live" until it got un-funny. Sunday morning we took a long walk with the dog and just talked, talked, talked. It was nice, nice, nice.

Strong or Emotional Finish: All too soon the weekend was over and it was time for my friend to leave. But not before snapping a photograph of one of the many things we have in common.

Our daughters: Katie and Katie.

I had a great weekend. I felt like I was on a mini-retreat in my own house. I hope you had a good time too, Vicki!

The End.