Friday, February 29, 2008

No Time to Blog

We're busy preparing for our weekend guest. There's so much to do because I just know that Vicki will be SO very fussy and need things just right. After all, this is a trip that's been in the works for more than a year!

At least the greeting committee is well prepped and ready to go. Tigger, as usual, is refusing to participate. He will be the first to warm up to her however. And once Chris gets here tonight for an evening of knitting - well, he just loves Chris!

And as of right now, Vicki will have a clean and comfortable place to rest her head. If she has to pee at all, that's a different story. And if tonight goes into the wee hours, KMKat (whom we can now call Kathy - because that's her name) will also have a clean and comfortable place to rest her head. She'll have to share a bathroom with Kathryn. All bets are off on that deal!!

I wish all the rest of you lived closer because I make really good butternut squash soup and it would be fun to have you all over for dinner and knitting and laughing and hugging and wine and beer and girlie drinks and sharing this thing that binds us together. But, I'll see all your faces and hear all your voices and feel you embraces and know that you're here with us!