Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More Sinks and Cats

My morning routine just wouldn't be right a visit from the kids. They stare at me in the shower and wait not-so-patiently until I emerge so I can turn on the sinks. They seem to know that I will let the water run for a while and that Dad just stoppers the sink and puts a little bit of water in the bottom.
Still - two sinks, no waiting. Or is that four cats and four sinks no waiting?
Tigger always uses the "boy" sink - Jon's sink.

Sammy, of course, prefers to use the "girl" sink - mine. My sink has the added benefit of fun toys like Q-Tips and mascara to steal and run away with. She also likes a little dab of lotion on her nose. Tig NEVER liked this.

"Help. I've fallen in and I can't get out!"