Thursday, February 14, 2008


. . . is for Cocoa.
There's nothing like it in Minnesota. Coming in from cold, shaking off the snow and ice, sitting down by a fire with a nice cup of cocoa to warm you from the outside, and the inside.
These are the four favorite hot chocolates in our house. For quickness (and mini-marshmallows!) there is the Swiss Miss Instant Cocoa. Next, a cup of Hershey's syrup and milk heated in the microwave with a half a teaspoon of sugar makes a great cup of cocoa. The best, by far, in the quick and easy category, is the Williams Sonoma Hot Chocolate Shavings made with milk. They have a peppermint flavor as well. You'll note - that canister is no longer available for this picture. When we have time, the Girardelli Natural Unsweetened Cocoa Powder comes out for a nice, "cooked over the stove" cup of hot cocoa. Ummmmmm.
Depending on what time it is, there are things which can be added to cocoa which can only enhance it's warming and comforting abilities. This is our cocktail clock; it's not digital and has no AM /PM indicator on it.
Please don't disturb me for a while. I'm having an orange flavored cocoa for breakfast. I need my Vitamin C.