Thursday, February 07, 2008


I spent a lovely evening last night knitting and catching up with my two friends, Jeanne and Chris. I had two problems weighing me down, things I needed friends to listen to, talk with me about, convince me I was ok - or at least on the right track. They did, they always do!

Jeanne had two surprises for me. While stash cleaning she came upon this beautiful silk cap. And while certainly not wanting to see me slip further down the dark, deep hole that is spinning, she felt I should have it.

Second surprise, all the way from the UK and the lovely Mrs. Pao, this unbelievably gorgeous skein of handpainted silk yarn. And this, my friends, is the most accurate color picture EVER!! Oh, she sent it in honor of my ........ birthday.

I get home, my two roommates are fast asleep and the house is nice and quiet. I checked my e-mail and find out I've sort-of won a contest! Over at Cathy-Cate's (two names), where my name for her beautiful fingerless mitt pattern, "Feather and Yarn", wasn't selected. But because it was "punny" AND the random number generator picked me - I won anyway - for two reasons!! Plus, I get TWO prizes!

All these twos started to pile up (I know - this is a stretch - but work with me, there is a payoff!). On a whim yesterday, I looked back to see when my first blog post was. Guess what?
Happy 2nd Birthday Little Blog!
Who knew all the things you would do
before you turned two.
Help us celebrate; blow out the candles with a comment (by February 15th) and Sammy will draw a name for a some goodies. Nothing that's been in the secret kitty lair - we promise. Thanks for coming along with us these past two years.