Monday, February 25, 2008

The Winner Is . . .

We had a little awards ceremony of our own this morning. Not as much drama as that show last night, but our presenter - a bit of a prima donna if you ask me.
Without further ado -

Our presenter licks the butter off the winner's card. It is standard language in her contract. If there are lines which she is required to read, they must be coated in butter for her to remain interested.

A quick look in to the audience confirms her worst fears. The winner is not present to accept her award and our presenter must improvise an acceptance speech.

"On behalf of carrie k, I accept this award for all the little people, and Hez. Is this my good side? I heard David Duchovny is going to be at the Purina "after party!" For sure I'm hitting the Eukanuba party - they always have the best food. Don't wait up, Mom. Is my limo here yet?"

Thank you for all the wonderful comments on my two years of blogging. Who knew! And Carrie, send me your mailing address; I'll be putting together a package of goodies just for you - and Hez!!

spell check is working!!