Friday, February 15, 2008

S'Not Funny

Good moms probably take their kitties to the vet right away when they start sneezing. But we were enjoying it too much. The fact the when she'd sneeze on the hard wood floor, the force of it would send her sliding backwards about three feet. Or watching us all scatter to the far corners of the house at the mere sound of on-coming sneeze fit to avoid the inevitable "matter" that was certain to land on only the cleanest of our shirts. But no, I waited until the worst possible day this week to address the sneezy cat. The day I got called to pick up Kathryn from school with a sore throat - not strep, just a cold. The day I was supposed to teach my impressionable young 7th grade boys religous education class - sorry have to cancel. The day we also noticed the OCD dog had obsessively licked a sore on her wrist - "We can see the cat but not the dog; give her Benedryl.". The day of the fund raiser for the 8th grade class at our local Culvers (ummmmm ButterBurgers!) "Dad and I are going to Culver's honey. Can we bring you anything to make you feel better?". I figured Sammy's the smallest and would be the easiest thing to take care of that day.

Low and behold - a cure for the common cold! In a cat. I'm still walking around with the Clorox Anywhere wiping up snot. But you guys have a great weekend.