Friday, February 01, 2008


B is for BLANKETS and plenty of them, everywhere in the house. It's Minnesota; it's cold here and when it's not cold here we crank the air conditioning to brutally cold tempertures. Add to this that I am constantly cold. Always. I am a poster child for layering clothing. As I sit and type this, still in my PJs I have 4 layers on underneath the hooded sweatshirt (which I slept in so that I could pull the hood up in case I got really cold - a hat would get lost!) Blankets are not accessories in our house - they are layers.

Family room blankets. Don't let the fact that there are three fool you. One is for the cats, the other two are mine.

Front hall chair - in case you're tired when you get here - you can sit down and rest for a minute - with a blanket.

My secret hideout in our bedroom. Shhhh - no one knows where this is but it catches wonderful afternoon sun, for which you need a blanket to keep warm.

The blanket on our bed. The only reason Jon tolerates this blanket at all is that it's a Ralph Lauren.

Matching Ralph Lauren Blankets (Jon bought them) in the guest room (Vicki??)

Theatre room blankets and the first big knitting project I ever made.

Two blankets in my studio! Actually one is a reclaimed poncho thing that I ripped the seam out of one day when my feet got really cold - I'm counting it!

This one doesn't really keep anyone warm - but for eleven years, it's kept Kathryn company, given her a sense of security and comfort, every night, no matter where she is. I often feel like I'm still searching for a sense of security and comfort - perhaps that's why there are so many blankets, everywhere in my house.