Monday, March 17, 2008

Good for the Soul

A few more days of Lent left; the chance to clear the air, come clean, get things off my chest before Easter. A good time to peel away the plastic and unveil:

The Basket of Shame

This is where things go when I'm bored with them, or they lack a certain - something - to keep me moving on them. Or, more than likely, something prettier or more fun or - green - popped up on the radar and I dropped these like hot potatoes to move on. In no particular order:

The KISS Fake Isle Bag from one of the Knitting Experience Books by Sally Melville. I last worked on this during our knitting group retreat back in January of 2007. It's about 90% done.

If you guessed Fair Isle Jazz from Scarf Style - you're correct. I know this to be at least 3 years old since I started mine when the knitting group girls where all finishing theirs in a class. This is also when I learned that if I never did Fair Isle knitting on flat pieces again, it would be too soon. You may wonder how I learned that without having gotten to the Fair Isle section of the scarf -I did. It wasn't pretty and it's gone. For good.

Looks like we just need a sleeve and neck finishing here. Or that one-armed man from "The Fugitive". It just doesn't seem like this would be that hard. I remember that I got this far in about two weeks. Languishing in the basket has taken 18 months.

Seriously, I'm averting my eyes in shame on this. Sunrise Circle Jacket. Finished pieces. Requires maybe a good afternoon or two of finishing. And I think that's an over estimate as quite a bit is already done. This has been in the basket for 2 years.

But all is not lost. I recovered some missing things in all the bags. My favorite Clip 'n Snip scissors and one size 8 needle in the Fair Isle Jazz scarf bag. Maybe that's why I hated it - only one needle?