Monday, March 10, 2008

A Bit More

As stubborn as I am, even Bloggers refusal to upload more than one picture at a time today didn't stop me from this picture-heavy post to show off my favorite acquisition from my Weekend With Vicki. It doesn't really fit into the category of yarn, nor does it fit into the category of a finished project. Yet, it is yarn, and it is finished.

This is the Kveldsro Coat from Simply Shetland - from top to bottom. It's so lovely and perfect for this time of year. Yes, it's just a bit big - 46" chest - but you'd want a jacket big enough to wear a sweater under this time of year.

It has this wonderful detail too - like this little bit of gathering in the back to snug it up just a bit.

And this side vents with buttons to class it up just a bit and to make walking in it easier - especially if you're short, which, I am.

Did I mention the buttons? I'd have bought it just for the buttons. The kit retails at $145 - which doesn't include the buttons. Was $90 a steal at the Needlework Unlimited Sweater Sample Sale? If I hate this thing in a few years, I could rip it out and make three sweaters! and still have 9 buttons left over!

Now the question becomes - how can I get people to ask: "Is that hand knit?" instead of "Did you knit that?"