Monday, March 24, 2008

Would that I Could

After reading so many comments about using the left-over Easter Egg dye to dye yarn, I admit to getting inspired to trying it. I thought it would be another fun "mother/daughter" project for Kathryn and me to try. The good folks who make the Dudley Easter Egg Coloring kits dashed those hopes quickly. It seems they have reinvented a process which didn't need re-inventing. They created a solution where no problem existed. The ruined my plans - again.
In their warped little Easter egg dyeing world, you place the eggs in a little plastic bag and put a few drops of color into the bag and smoosh the color around. First problem - the bags easily rip. Second problem, you can't make half & half color eggs. Third problem, you can't make super saturated colored eggs by leaving one in for a really long time. Fourth problem, not enough color drops. Fifth problem - not enough bags if you wanted to mix colors.The next part of the "Glitter Egg" process is to sprinkle glitter on the eggs once they are in the lame egg holder - not in the kit as shown! First problem - glitter only sticks on the top of the egg - DUH!!! Second problem - if you pick up the egg to put glitter on the other sides, all the glitter either falls off or sticks to your now colored hands (see problem 1 from above). Our work around was to put the glitter in with eggs but since there weren't enough bags, that meant all the eggs were glittery.
In fairness, I guess clean up was easier. But there was no way we were going to be able to stuff yarn into those little glittery bags. Next year I'll buy Paas!
After we finished, she told me she doesn't like hard boiled eggs any more. There are 11 left; we leave on Wednesday. Egg salad anyone?