Friday, March 21, 2008

Best Laid Plans

It's a big day here. A family project, long believed to be only Jon's responsibility, has been turned over to me. Rather, I have stolen it. Instead of waiting until Saturday night, Kathryn and I are going to dye the Easter eggs today.
And they're going to be fancy! Glitter Eggs AND Tie Dye Eggs! I'm thinking this is going to be messy (which is probably why Jon got the job to begin with) and I'm suddenly wishing I had only picked out one of these packages. But - I'm a mom. I can do this. It's a craft - it's in my blood. I'm prepared for anything.
Crap. Crap, crap, crap!! I should probably mention that the real reason behind this "mother-daughter' bonding is not my love of dyeing eggs - I hate it. Nor is it the desire to spend "more" quality time with Kathryn. I see her all the time; we spend plenty of quality time together. The real reason is we can't get out of the house today thanks to springtime in Minnesota and another winter storm. I'll leave you with these reminders of springtime in Minnesota while I go hunt for eggs which will be dyed, a few will be eaten, the rest will be throwm out in a few weeks. Fun, fun, fun!!
Happy Easter?!