Friday, March 14, 2008


. . .is for ENTRELAC.
The French word for "interlaced." If the knitting fairies came and told that I could only knit one technique from here on out, it would be entrelac. I love the rhythm and the counting of the stitches in each individual block. And that progress is not measured on a linear basis, but more by small sections and therefore seems faster. A flat piece can be blocked out to look like an argyle piece - with no texture. Or it can be left to rise and fall like roller coasters or woven baskets.
What I really love are circular entrelac pieces - bags, socks, hats, mittens, sweaters - anything where the back and forth of the pattern just settles you into a circular rhythm all the way around the project, and then back again. The benefit to learning entrelac was teaching myself how to purl backwards, from the front knit side of the piece. This avoids the constant turning involved in working each section. This skill has transferred to other areas where turning work has always been a hassle (heels on socks for instance). I'm a technique knitter - more fascinated by the process sometimes than the outcome. So getting two cool techniques in one shot - that's like a double bonus.

The pictures are of my LONG abandoned Lady Eleanor Stole in Silk Garden #84. While stash diving the other day, my friend Brenda found her hiding in the "basket of shame". Eleanor is actually going to be more of a lap blanket. Someday. Brenda is not allowed near the basket anymore. There are other carcasses in there.