Tuesday, October 07, 2008


My timing is just so off these days. For instance, this post was in my head and ready to be worked on bright and early Monday morning. As was my hair - ready to be worked on later on Monday morning. Instead here it is Tuesday morning (when I have WAY less time) all because I answered the phone on Sunday night and accepted an opportunity to sub for the 3rd grade teacher. I can barely think straight I'm still so tired and I look like the long-lost, half-blond Beatle - but here I am. On with the story.

This past Saturday was the Feast Day of St. Francis. You probably don't even have to be catholic to know that Francis is the patron saint of the animals. Like many churches, we have a Blessing of the Animals to celebrate St. Francis' day.
They animals all bring their owners and stand quietly awaiting further instruction.

This Golden (not Holli!) needed to be reminded several times to ignore the camera and pay attention to the man up front.

Holli, having run a 5k race earlier in the morning, was very obedient. Mostly she was laughing at the fact that the kitties had to be in their cages.

Ah - but not for the actual blessing rite. We wanted to make sure both kitties got a good dose of Holy Water. In fact, we asked for an extra helping for Sammy.

OK - truth be told, we asked for an exorcism for Sammy but that request may have to be taken up to a higher level.
"CSI: Deephaven" Dog!.

This little guy never met a camera he didn't like. He followed me around everywhere and when the camera came up, he sat down and posed. I almost stole him. Then I remembered the whole church thing.

"Thanks for bringing me here mom. I feel all goodness and light inside."