Thursday, October 09, 2008

One More Timing

Here in the Upper Midwest we take weather watching to a new level. A few weeks ago when the daytime temperatures dipped into the 50's and I began sleeping at night with hooded sweatshirts AND my bathrobe, I began to worry about Oktoberfest and how cold it might be. I knew I had my feet covered, in spades. Hands would be no problem either. But I'm not warm unless my neck is warm. I have scarves but, those will just get in the way of thinks like the Duck Pond and Water Wars and Cotton Candy and Prezels. So in between ticket packeting and 8 gozillion other things, I began this little knitting project:

Cap'n Crunch in a "matchy-matchy to my jacket" shade of green Malabrigo. I've gotten this far in just two evenings of late-night knitting. That includes one morning of chasing it up and down the steps in a game of "Catch Me if You Can" with Sammy!

I expect to have this done tonight or tomorrow night and to have it warming my neck all day on Saturday. And won't it look lovely and feel lovely against my skin?

When it's 75 and sunny? I'm so lucky!