Thursday, October 23, 2008

Really Random

Just a couple of little things on my mind today:

I got called to substitute for the music teacher (out with laryngitis) at school on Tuesday. Great, I thought, I LOVE music. I can sing and be happy all day with the kids. Wrong. Apparently, when you substitute in music, you have the kids watch videos. Which begs the question, if all you have is laryngitis, can't you just press the play button?

What do the items in this picture have in common? Give up? 7th graders. I've been spending time reinforcing the bindings on all the new books for our Middle School curriculum. What happened to hard backed books?I'm always a little nervous when this t-shirt gets to the top of the PJ rotation. It bothers me for a couple of reasons. Why wasn't he chosen for Team 1? What kind of "teams" are we talking about here? Are the members of Team 1 still out there - looking for Team 2 people? Am I safe here - sleeping with a Team 2 member? What does this mean for Kathryn? Maybe I should just do some laundry today.This is the equivalent of "stash-diving" for dogs. She went looking for "just the right something" and in the process had to take almost everything out of the bone box. She chewed each one for about a minute then went looking for something else. Finally, she settled on "Genie in a Bottle".

"Mom, just put the rest of these in my Bone-ery queue!"