Thursday, October 16, 2008

Two Days

Here in Minnesota, after a whopping 6 weeks of school, 31 days to be precise, the teachers have two days off to attend the MEA (Minnesota Education Association) Conference. I have never met a teacher who actually attends this conference but I'm sure it's a fine thing - if that's your deal. Most years I'm fairly vocal about these two wasted days of learning time. But this year I find that I need them. I'm still recovering from the weekend and I find that the extra time I'm volunteering at school is taking it's toll on me in other ways.It's a beautiful, crisp, clear fall day so I feel as if we should embrace it and do beautiful, crisp, clear, fall day-like things. I'm up and ready to go.

And so is companion number 1. In fact, she has been in and out four times already. She knows something is afoot today.Oops. I'm just going to guess that companion number 2 might have needed a little bit more notice than 10 minutes. Learning (and late night TV watching) is taking its toll on her as well. Not to worry - we have tomorrow off as well!