Monday, October 20, 2008

Make Up Spinning

"Pssssst. Hey, over here." "Behind the yoga ball thing. And the stool with the sheep on it. Can you see me?"
"Remember me? Before you got real busy and shoved me in this corner, we used to hang out for about ten minutes every day. I miss you!"
"Yeah - I know. We had some problems with the stuff with the tencil in it. But, that's why we have more bobbins isn't it? Can't we look around in the stash buckets for something that might be easier to work with and try getting back together again?" "Look - look what the sheep found! Some alpaca! We love alpaca! I heard alpaca is really easy. And soft. You love soft!""And look at those colors. You know you love those colors. C'mon. It'll be great! I promise."