Monday, September 29, 2008


Reading stack on the bedside table. These are to "go to" books at the end of the day; they are the quick browse through reads before the lights go out and the one "big book". In this case "War and Remembrance" is filling that role right now.

These are the books over by the comfy chair in the sunny spot in the bedroom. They are either on their way to the bedside table or have been there but needed a time-out for a while.

These lucky books have been moved to "finished" shelf in the other corner of the bedroom. Here they languish comfortably until a final disposition is decided. Aw - who am I kidding? They just stay here forever because by now, I know them and they're like friends.

So what do books tell you about a person? You can tell some things about me and my reading habits but not a lot. If you really want books to tell you something, you have to look at what's in them; really in them. Like at the book marks. Because all books should have book marks at all times in their history. And that's where you can learn a lot about a person.
This book mark says "A knitter read this book; a knitter with excellent taste in yarn!" I know exactly what I was knitting while I was reading this.

Looks as if "Cholera" was purchased for last year's trip to Sanibel. All that time, all that illness!

Ooooh - looks like we didn't make it very far through the love or the cholera.
This book mark is torn from a page of the video rental sheet from our condo in Sanibel. Trust me; I've seen it for 10 years. Looks like starving in the Alaskan wilderness beats cholera while you're on vacation! Rented the movie too! Cried like a baby.WHAT?? No book mark? How could this be?I read it in one sitting. It was that good and I was too scared to stop reading.
So, tell me. What do my books (or book marks) tell you about me?.