Thursday, September 11, 2008


I guess it wasn't until I got emails from Carole and Chris inquiring after my well-being that it occurred to me that I'd completely forgotten to blog or even read blogs. That's like forgetting to brush my teeth or put on deodorant. I knew something was missing but just couldn't remember what it was. Just like every other mom of school aged kids, I'm really swamped with crap right now. It's all fine and good and I'm sincerely happy to be able to be doing the things I'm doing. But one more 13-hour day at the school and seriously - I'm going to ask for a tuition break.

A few things on my "Sure, I can help get the athletics program organized and running" plate will be finishing up soon. And then my "Jon and I are honored to be asked to chair the parish-wide fundraiser, the largest one we have, not like there's any pressure on us" plate becomes REALLY full. But by gosh - after October 12 when that hing is in the can for another year - I'm getting drunk.

If I'm away for a few days here and there - trust me, I'm missing you guys WAY more than you're missing me. I've become quite dull lately - unless you really want to know how to keep the score book in volleyball. I know how to do that now.