Thursday, September 25, 2008

Regular Broadcasting Resumes?

Or at least an attempt. Just like I'm attempting to feed the family. Take-out counts I'm told. So by way way of bullet point, here's an update.
  • So far, worries about Kathryn and school have proven to be a wasted effort. She is the happiest I have ever seen her! EVER! She started the year in 7th grade Spanish (a year ahead) and has moved to 8th grade Spanish. While this alone is great news, it also puts her with older students and is giving her a chance to be around new faces and is really helping ease the blow of "the loss". She loves school. I'm resisting the temptation to over analyze this situation and wonder how long it will last and wait for the bubble to burst. I'm simply watching and living in the moment.

  • I've been volunteering at school quite a bit as the year has been getting underway but now I've kind of settled into a routine that's more manageable and fun. I'll be helping the Middle School on Fridays with the Writing Labs and Gym and whatever else they can throw my way. It's a blast. I was a sub for 1st grade on Monday - if any of you have ever taught 1st grade, you have my undying appreciation for what you have been through.

  • The Tuesday Morning Knitting Group took a field trip to go See Annie Modesitt at our local Barnes & Noble for a talk and book signing. Thankfully I had forewarned them of the possibility of her not showing up or being incredibly late as that is indeed what happened. The B&N folks were very gracious and told us that she simply had the wrong time written down. Hmmmmmmm??

  • The school Athletics gig is reaching its apex. We are coming toward the end of the fall sports season and are well into registrations for the "always controversial" basketball season. Parents should not be allowed to enter in to any aspect of a child's desire to play a sport. 'Nuff said.

  • My Thursday morning class has begun except for we have today off. OK - it's a Bible study class but for some reason I have a really hard time telling you guys that for fear that you will all think I'm some kind of freak. I'm not. I just want to learn about Bible history. OK?

  • Just about two weeks to Oktoberfest. We are very nervous about this thing. Our silent auction donations just are not coming in like they used to. I put together a "Friday Night Knitting Club" basket with yarn, needles, the book, and wine. So you would bid on a package that allows you to gather three friends, and have a night of knitting, wine, appetizers, and "expert" knitting (me and my friend Brenda) for four hours. Wouldn't you bid like $6000.00 on that!!!

  • Jon's travelling is picking up again. We are three ships that pass on the weekends at volleyball games or while mowing the lawn.

  • I am only this much farther along on the Ice Cream Sock:

Thanks for hanging in this far. Both in reading this far and for reading this long.