Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ramen Noodle Knitting

Sorry this is later than usual. Our cable (and consequently our internet service) has been out since last night). That's today's equivalent of saying "The dog ate my homework" I guess!
I finished the final steps of the sock blank dyeing experiment. After unraveling it all (because I have ZERO interest in knitting from the blank) I had what Kathryn referred to as Ramen Noodles. Tru dat! The unravelling process was cumbersome and tedious until I corralled a few 11-year old girls to wind it up on to paper towel rolls at the same time. The blue-green and orange skein was a single knit blank from Plymouth and that wound off beautifully on to the niddy-noddy all by itself.

From there the skeins took a long, really, really hot bath in Eucalan in separate tubs as they had not previously been rinsed at all. There was significant dye run off. Imagine that part as I forgot to take pictures.

There was a lot of weighted hanging around time. Heavy weights. I found them in the shop. They were industrial strength Master locks. Yeah!

I'm quite pleased with the results. Most of the kinks are gone. Indeed - quite kink-free. And that Plymouth hank had a ways to go being knit with a single strand. But while the results are good, the process just doesn't seem worth it to me. Way too much extra work. The white spots from where the dye doesn't absorb through the knit stitches in the Knit Picks yarns are bothersome - unless that's the look you were going for - which I wasn't. Maybe it's just me - but give me my long skeins and I'm a happy girl.