Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Do Not Adjust Your Dial

The "Satur-Dyers" reconvened this past weekend but the following photos won't look anything like what you're used to seeing after one of our marathon sessions.

First off, you'll note that our environment changed - due to the weather freaks in Minnesota who forecast a wicked hot and humid day, we set up inside. As it turned out, it was a glorious day and we could have been on my porch but.....
Please pick yourselves up off the floor now. Yes, that is Chris, and yes, she is using orange, hot pink, and raspberry. We decided to try some sock blanks this time too. She's using a Knit Picks one here.
Jeanne is trying to recreate a skein she made the last time we were together. She actually keeps notes on these kinds of things and was able to do this! HA!
I made a watermelon flavored sock blank. I have no original ideas whatsoever.
Behold Chris' "Noro-esque" sock blank. It's absolutely gorgeous in person (and with a flash - Chris will have a better picture).

And here is Jeanne's "Noro-esque" sock blank. Better picture. Beautiful isn't it!
All finished! The jury is still out on the sock blanks. Chris has some early reports about white spots as the stitches are unraveled. Maybe a good wash at that point will help? I'd hate for all our hard work to be for nothing!!