Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The List

On the list of "really important things I have to do today" is:
  1. Take picture of Box Tops for Trek and post here. It's a total of 13 Box Tops for our school.
  2. Go pharmacy at "That Big Store" and pick up prescription for the "procedure" that those of us just over 50 just dream about. Stay tuned!
  3. While at "That Big Store" pick up 4 cases of soda (or "pop" if you're from here) for staff and and faculty "Welcome Back" lunch for our school and parish.
  4. Help set-up, serve and clean-up said luncheon festivities. Pick at leftovers for my own meal.
  5. Track down all the missing soccer registrations (and payment$$). No pay - no play. That$ my motto!!
  6. Pump air into the dead volleyballs for tomorrow's practices. Silly things keep loosing air. We probably need new balls.
  7. Come home. Take care of my own child and husband for a while.

Good thing my Sketchers come in brown too! I need my feet to be comfy today!