Thursday, August 28, 2008


. . . is for QWERTY.

Even though I no longer "work" everyday, these keyboards are still the tools of my daily life; the portals to the world for me.

My desktop computer keyboard - my most used computer by far!

My Bluetooth cell phone/PDA/MP3 player/camera keyboard. Some women feel naked if they leave the house without lipstick. I'm a puddle without this. I can't function, commit, breathe, or complete simple tasks without this. The "D 5" button sticks so if you have one of those in your phone number or name, it'll take me a few times to get through to you!
The laptop keyboard. You can probably guess where this normally lives. Sometimes I get to use it at night in my room.
I know, it's only WERTY - but still - I use it all the time!

Q is for QWERTY.