Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mug Shots

Last night was our annual "Chris and Jeanne celebrate Deb's birthday and Deb and Chris celebrate Jeanne's Birthday" celebration. As always the party includes cats and cake.
Mayhem was in the bag early on.
But escaped in time for presents for there was tissue paper involved. From Chris I received a beautiful sheepy mug, some softy-soft Baby Silk Catalina yarn, two skeins of Vinca sock yarn and a spoiled kitty magnet! See the kitty in a bag in the background? Not Mayhem - just the card but considering May's evening activities - very apropos!

CAUTION: Cutest kitten card EVAH alert!

From Jeanne - who had to go into a place where things sold to spinners where sold at great personal sacrifice - a beautiful braid of merino silk roving. And I mean beautiful. I teared up a bit just thinking of her going in, talking to a spinning person and actually having to sort-of cross over to the dark side to purchase this thing of beauty for me. Also included were magnetic page holders and a needle gauge charm. I'm still waiting for the grey kitten.
They claim not to have color coordinated their gifts but I think they've been secretly meeting without me and put this whole thing together with the pink / maroon / autumn thing in mind. It's SO like them.
Because see - they are so matchy-matchy now. The last two knitters to have the Starbucks mugs! Thanks Louise!!
" Mom - I need to text you. She is SO not working on the yellow sweater!!" - Mayhem
Thank you so much Jeanne and Chris! You really know how to spoil a girl. I LOVE everything. And the grey kitten will fit in just fine here. Whenever he or she gets here.