Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Of Books and Hooks

And books for hooks,
(and my favorite pieces of each new book - The Picot Star Table Cloth, and the "idea page")

. . . and hooks on books,

(the KnitPicks double ended crochet hooks - stick with your regular crochet hooks - just saying')

(a Tunisian crochet hook brought to knitting on Tuesday so as to be reassured that it was not a mistake at the factory!)

And my current hooking obsession! Babette has been pulled out of hibernation and is moving along at a rapid pace. Eight of ten sections are complete. As I look back now, I've become a better crocheter in the two years she's been asleep and I see the things I should won't do over. The one thing I do know I'll change, based on Motifs book, is how the squares and sections are joined. There are much prettier, more decorative ways to do this. And that won't take much time. There are only 127 squares. But I'm hooked.