Monday, July 20, 2009


Babs and I spent some quality time together this weekend. I finished the squares for sections 7 and 8 and then tried a different method for seaming them all together.

I'm quite pleased with it - even in its un-blocked, un-pulled, un-tugged, un-tucked state. It's simple too - hold the pieces wrong sides together, single crochet through both pieces, chain two, single crochet repeat!
Side-by-side comparison of the other seaming method. You decide.

Along with the quality time with Babs, came quality time with someone else. Maybe because it was just freezing cold here all weekend, or maybe it was because she was bored, but wherever Babs and I went, Kathryn went. And wherever I sat, Kathryn sat; not just next to me, but that place that's just short of being back in your womb. Lots of questions, comments, general chatter. Normally this is my time and I was biting my tongue wondering where Jon was and why she wasn't interested in what HE was doing! By yesterday afternoon the closeness got to me. "Would you like to learn?"

I sent her on what I assumed would be a wild goose chase. "Go down to the studio, in one of the plastic drawers and find an "H" crochet hook." Back in 10 seconds! We started with a simple chain. Over and over again. Rip it out and do it again until you get it.

Once the chain was perfected, it was on to single crochet, turning chains, then double crochet and then . . .
I've taught grown-up students who can't get this far in two weeks. It's not like she moved any farther away from me while we worked on this, in fact, she had to move closer at some points. But at least it was on my terms!