Thursday, July 09, 2009

Agony of DeLeg

I am on injured reserve for a while; I have an owie-elbow. Mom and Dad don't know what happened to it and if I did remember, I don't know how to tell them. Tuesday night it hurt so bad I couldn't even walk on it. On Wednesday morning it still hurt really bad so Mom took me to see the vet that I love so much. Dr. Matt pushed and pulled and poked and prodded and tugged and turned. I was so brave; I didn't make a peep. Even when he got to the part that was the most hurtiest. Mom cried. Dr. Matt said I was "stoic". I love the girls at the vet store so when one of them came to get me for the back room I was happy. They gave me a cookie and picked me up really careful and put me on a funny table. They told me it was for pictures. I was thinking of the blog and tried to smile. But then I saw the pictures - you guys would not want to see them! They were scary pictures of my inside guts and stuff. Dr. Matt was happy at the pictures because nothing was broken. He showed them to Mom and they got that worried human face on account of some dark stuff in my elbow. They called it "swelling". The next words I heard really scared me - rest, 7-10 days, no swimming or running, quiet, medications (I do not like to take pills!!).

Today I am not wanting to rest so much because the medicine makes me fell like I am better than I am, but I am not. Mom just caught me waking up from a dog nap and I forgot about my elbow and fell down when I tried to go get some water. Mom is thinking it will be a funny (not ha-ha) couple of days trying to keep me rested and quieted.

Holli - the dog.