Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Better Endings

When your day begins on a really crappy note - moderating your book club and having the only strong, and negative, opinion about a controversial book and feeling forced to defend said opinion - it's best to have lunch plans with people will just love you for your knitting.
Like Guinifer, working on her gozillionth pair of socks.
And Amy, knitting up a "cast cozy" for her injured pinky.

And the Mysterious Miss T, who was also working on a sock but hiding behind something else mysterious. I guess that's the nature of the name.
They erased all memories of the morning while we spent a a lovely few hours knitting, lunching, discussing TV shows and our knitting. And while we showed our digital readers off - no one talked about books. It was probably for the best. Because I was correct in my opinion of said book and I had facts to back me up too! Damn it!