Monday, March 09, 2009


Guess what momma got this weekend?

Jon, being VERY brand loyal (every once in a while, just for grins, we play count the SONY A/V components) having done due diligence upon the expiration of the lease on momma's former car (of the same make and model) took the family to the car store. And then momma, being the spoiled baby that she is, got to bring this home.

There was great debate as to the interior color. Black or beige? The old interior was beige and showed every dirty paw print on both the seat and carpet. Plus, every spill of a kid-nature. So, black then. Today however, when Holli and I exited the car after the morning trek to school, I discovered the fatal flaw in this decision. Anyone??
So - we stimulated the economy this weekend. And by the way - the car store was packed with people. Go figure!