Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So Far Away

It's really sad when such good people live so far away. Take the very lovely and wonderful Mrs. Pao for instance. A request for a magazine only available in the UK was made. Now, I thought I was asking for kind of a lot. Leave your comfortable home (or office); go to a yarn store (OK - not a stretch); lay out the UK kind of cash for 2 copies (one for me, one for Guinifer) of said magazine; send them to me - in the United States.
What a girl. She came through. Here is the magazine.
Here is the sweater Guinifer and I want to make. So badly in fact that we put poor Mrs. Pao through all that stuff outlined above. Purty ain't it? But then she has to go and do all this extra stuff - like pack the box full of stuff that's really great and special and thoughtful and turns out, perfect for two people to share!

Like the dark chocolate candy - Guinifer got it.

And the Mag Bags: I took the colored one, Guinifer took the Toile bag. Perfect because I always want to color in Toile every time I see it.

Guinifer doesn't like tea. I got to keep all this cool stuff.

The white chocolate dipped mangoes with lime and chili pepper - Guinifer claimed those. She has boys. But the cat toy on top......

"Mom, pah-leeeeeeze don't tell Tig we got a new toy. I want this one all to myself!"

There was another cat toy - a painted ping-pong ball, but Sammy lost that about 5 minutes after opening the box.

Yes, it's sad when wonderful people live so far away. But then if they lived close, you'd never have the opportunity to get cool packages from them. Or to brainstorm even cooler return packages FOR them. Thanks Sam! We loved EVERYTHING!