Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Checking In

This time of year, our little Tuesday Morning Knitting Group can be - well, pretty lonely. What with people traveling to Mexico (Sandy) and their faraway cabins (Cindy) and Sanibel Island (Peggy). Imagine my pleasant surprise when most of the girls decided to return yesterday (it's ok Peggy - we'll hold your seat for a little while longer!). And they bring beautiful finished projects for me to share ('cuz it's not like there's anything going on over here!)
First up is Sandy with her Larger Than Life Bag. If memory serves, we've she's been working on this for a year - she loves to crochet. She's also wearing a beautiful lace shawl she knit. I think her original plan was to knit one for herself and one for her mom. I'll get back to you on mom's but I don't think that one came to fruition. We'll come back to the red scarf she's holding.

Cindy has been working on this afghan for almost two years. Her rule was she had to finish all the squares of each color before she could move on to another color. Sometimes, we got bored with the colors before she did. But, oh my - look:

And look closer:

And even closer:

OK, so back to the red scarf. You may remember seeing it
here a while back. For our holiday gathering, we decided that instead of purchasing gifts, we would exchange something from our lives that we were ready to part with. I really struggled with this but I knew in my heart what I had to do. The red scarf, which is the first item I made from my very own hand spun yarn, started out as a gift for someone but I just couldn't part with it. I wasn't ready to give it to someone who wouldn't "get it." When the Knitting Group gift exchange came up - it was clear. I didn't know who would receive it, but I knew that whoever did, they would "get it".

Doesn't Sandy look like she "gets it"? She wears it all the time.

I realize that these are really crappy pictures - but you all know the sentiment I'm trying to convey. We take such great joy in each other's accomplishments. There was such a buzz in the coffee shop as everything was displayed and "oooohed" and "ahhhhed" over. I could have stayed all day!